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Founders Of Big India Group


When Rameshchandra Sengar started the Big India publication in 1964, little did he know that in the coming years, it would turn into one of the most talked about businesses in the city. His legacy was something that could not be contained in mere papers. When Narendra Sengar, Dhirendra Sengar, and Purnima Sengar, came on board, they built their father's dream. & along with publication they made diversification in outdoor publicity in year 1991. Our team have made Big India Group one strong force, a force that definitely made the founder a proud man and father.

As Pcmc & Pune’s leading Outdoor Media company since 1991, Big India Group , has a strong coverage in over 50 markets across Pune & PCMC , including some of the biggest Industrialists in the city. Products include outdoor hoardings ,kiosk(also know as sodium light pole branding) , gantries , digital bulletins , subways , great separators , mall branding & multiplex branding ,indoor/outdoor banner standees & also complete printing solutions for indoor/outdoor.

Big India Group is a leader in PCMC as well as PUNE for Outdoor Media. We are across complete Pcmc & Pune , our diverse portfolios include more than 1000+ hoarding displays, which are strategically placed in the most iconic and busy streets of PCMC & pune .


Ordinary is not our forte, we deliver only extravagance!


Big India Group is about you. We know that you need to make an impact and this is exactly what we do, every day, for over 20 years now. We bring industry expertise and combine it with nothing is unachievable to deliver the best media opportunities. We are the perfect fit for you.

Narendra Sengar


Ever since the transition from publication to Outdoor Media in 1991, Narendra Sengar has been committed to taking Big India Group to exponential heights. His calm demeanor is a testimony of the way he has successfully conducted business over the years. Big India Group is known for its customer service, innovative solutions, and operational excellence, and this has been instilled in the organization right since the beginning. "Rome wasn't built in a day" and so wasn't Big India Group.

Our Team

Purnima Sengar


She entered the business at the same time along with family. But, Purnima Sengar is one of the most important asset at Big India Group. Apart from being one of the one of the director at Big India Group, she is also the proud director of the Administrative Department of the organization. A department that ensures smooth functioning of the organization. Purnima Sengar is elegance personified and takes her work seriously, she ensures that her brainchild, Administrative Department, works flawlessly.

Aakash Sengar

The Scion of Big India Group

With a legacy to continue, Aakash Sengar, has proved himself to be a true successor of the Big India Group. Aakash, brings the modern perspective to the organization. He is grounded, focused, and hardworking. Ever since he joined the Big India Group in 2013, he has been working towards bringing fruitful changes in the organization and implementing them only to see them succeed. Although, young at age, one cannot miss the remarkable work ethics he has inherited from his father.

About Company

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